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Meeting of the Minds – Webinar: New Infrastructure Financing Tools for California: Local Infrastructure Financing Authority

Larry Kosmont, President and CEO of Kosmont Companies, spoke on a Meeting of the Minds webinar on 1/13/2015 entitled New Infrastructure Financing Tools for California: Local Infrastructure Financing Authority. Meeting of the Minds is a global knowledge sharing platform based in San Francisco, CA.

Since it was founded, Meeting of the Minds has been dedicated to a singular proposition: bring together a carefully chosen set of key urban sustainability and technology stakeholders and gather them around a common platform in ways that help build lasting alliances. Kosmont Companies believes that such a platform is a vital ingredient for smart, sustainable and equitable urban (re)development strategies.

Meeting of the Minds focuses on the innovators and initiatives at the bleeding edge of urban sustainability and connected technology. Through their blog, magazine, webinars, monthly meetups, workshops, roundtables, and an annual summit held each fall, they invite international leaders from the public, private, non-profit, academic and philanthropic sectors to identify innovations that can be scaled, replicated and transferred from city-to-city and across sectors.

Kosmont Companies is excited to see what the future holds for California, infrastructure financing and the new tool of Enhanced Infrastructure Financing Districts (EIFDs). Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding this new tool and the legislation that creates it.

See the full presentation here: 


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