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SCDF: California Real Estate Opportunities in 2014 “The Avengers vs. The Expendables”

Last year’s real estate market came back Fast and Furious. But was it too fast to last? The 2014 lineup of releases could be anyone’s guess. Fortunately, our industry experts have been snooping around closed sets all over town to help you answer such questions as:

  •  Did housing come back due to the fundamentals of Gravity, or just Paranormal Activity by investors?
  • Will the box office hits of big box and big office give way to fulfillment centers and creative space?
  • Are cities going to continue playing Hunger Games of raising taxes or will Jobs top the chart?
  • Did the bills the Governor signed in 2013 show that he is the Iron Man for Jobs or “show me the money” Jerry Maguire?
  • Will California’s business friendliness be a Scary Movie sequel? Or will jobs be Lost in Vegas?
  • Will Downtown LA become the City’s mecca for restaurants and nightlife? Will we ever get a football stadium? How will Kobe Bryant spend his $48 million contract?

And of course, the perennial favorite, “What’s Hot and What’s Not” in LA this year.

Larry Kosmont
President & CEO
Kosmont Companies

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