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Southern California Development Forum (SCDF) Annual Forecast – 2017


The country is caught in a whirlwind of uncertainty. All eyes are on Washington as we inch closer to President Trump. The world’s 6th largest economy rarely falls in step with the country as a whole, but how will it react to the new national direction? How will California’s move to a “green” economy mesh with a President who does not readily acknowledge climate change? Will real estate development, public private partnerships and economic development become more reliant on State and local tools? California voters have put their collective feet down in the form of ballot measures, but with hundreds of new local taxes approved, what will they mean for long-term prosperity? And about that other green, will California’s golden hue go up in smoke?

Larry Kosmont of Kosmont Companies and his expert panel (including Andrew Ratner, EVP of CBRE) will be on hand to navigate us through these tumultuous and uncertain waters that lie ahead.

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