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The Seminar Group | Public/Private Finance and Development

This conference is composed of experts who have addressed the range of both legal and practical issues involved in public/private transactions aimed at leveraging and preserving public assets, using a range of legislation, mediation, negotiation, litigation, financing, and contracting tools. The faculty discussed an array of public/private projects and models in California (including private activity bond funding, co-location of public and private facilities, the use of quasi-public and non-profit entities, privatization of public functions, public-public spin-offs and joint ventures.) In an era of ever-tightening public budgets and limited credit, both the public and private sector representatives were asked to address critical civic challenges – their interactions took many forms. The projects discussed are difficult, complicated and often controversial; the program’s experts shared lessons learned and potential solutions.

See the full presentation here:

The Seminar Group Kosmont Presentation Vf 3-21-2014

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