Entitlements / Due Diligence / Land Use

Entitlement / Due Diligence / Land Use
To create a successful project today, developers and the public are frequently on different sides of the entitlement business. More than two decades of public and private sector consulting has made Kosmont Companies keenly aware of what cities and communities want. Today, entitlements are about striking a productive compromise between the public and private sector. Communities want development and they sometimes offer incentives to get it. We can help bring together the public and private sectors to facilitate entitlements that satisfy private development and investment expectations while giving communities the results they desire.

Every site selection process begins with a basic due diligence review of the property. Kosmont Companies offers a comprehensive but concise summary that will specifically alert you to fatal flaws in a project that could make or break your decision to buy and/or develop.

Kosmont Services include:

  • Affordable Housing Strategy
  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Fiscal Impact Analysis
  • Land Use Valuation
  • Tax Increment Financing
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