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Kosmont Companies was one of five firms that answered a call for economic development consultants to provide detailed proposals and cost estimates for an economic development strategy plan, on-call services, and a consultant-developed strategy.

The city’s Economic Development Task Force, which has representatives from the Buellton Chamber of Commerce and city, recommended Kosmont to create a consultant-developed strategy for attracting new and relocated businesses.

After the upcoming budget hearings for the 2013-14 fiscal year, which begins July 1, the proposed contract will be brought back to the council for approval at a future meeting.

Councilman Leo Elovitz described the selection of Kosmont at the May 9 City Council meeting as a “really important step” and said the city should not take half measures, but go into a full plan for economic development. It is more than a financial commitment, he said, and city staff will also be asked to come through to see results.

Key goals identified by the community during the “visioning process” — a two-year-long public-participation review of the city’s urban design plan, mixed-use regulations and zoning ordinances — included developing an economic development plan, particularly revitalization of the Avenue of Flags, a corridor considered vital to the city’s future.

Mayor Judith Dale said she anticipates the Kosmont plan will “not sit on a shelf” and it will be implemented, unlike prior studies.