Development Opportunity Reserve (D.O.R.)™ is a service provided by Kosmont Companies that allows a City to allocate density (or increase in maximum building height, reduction in parking requirement, reduced setback requirement, etc.) to a specific project through zoning (e.g., Specific Plan) as a trade-off for community benefits provided by private investment. Projects meeting the City’s and community’s objectives may receive D.O.R.™ allocations in exchange for implementing identified priority public improvements (e.g. infrastructure, parks, public facilities, other).

The use of zoning incentives/allowance through a D.O.R.™ primarily benefits a developer/investor instead of solely rewarding passive property owners:

  • Enables additional density to be managed and allowed by the investor/developer based on a proposed project, via zoning strategies
  • Additional density awarded for projects that provide contributions toward, or implement infrastructure and/or community amenities, from a pre-approved list of D.O.R.™ projects
  • Enhances the targeted objectives of a Specific Plan because it controls the amount and allocation of additional density on a project or site specific basis
  • Can be used for all project types: Hotel, Retail, Office, Blended-Use, Residential

Achieves community support because additional density is allowed when a community benefits directly, and community can work collaboratively to establish a D.O.R.™ list of public improvements and amenities.

Kosmont Companies can help you determine if your City should be using D.O.R.™ as an economic development program, and / or has an area that would be enhanced by its utilization.