Economic Development Consulting

Economic Development Consulting

Economic Development

In a post-redevelopment, post-recession California, creative Economic Development is more critical than ever to the prosperity of cities, residents and businesses. With decades of experience providing advisory services to the public sector, Kosmont Companies is the most capable company in California when it comes to designing and implementing an economic development strategy. We have assisted hundreds of public agencies in their quest to retain jobs, attract and retain business, structure public-private real estate development, draft Specific Plans and structure tax and incentive plans that target meaningful private investment.

Urban Development & Downtown Revitalization

Commuting is taking its toll and affordability of housing near jobs continues to be a concern for cities and counties. Many people are moving back to multi-family housing in city centers and many businesses are moving closer to workers. Consequently, older cities are rediscovering the viability of their aging downtowns and newer cites want to create a sustainable center for their communities. We work closely with local governments and economic development agencies in positioning and developing their opportunity sites through creative negotiation and financing that properly encourage private development/lease activity and business interests.

Getting Stalled Projects Moving Forward

Kosmont Companies is ready and able to assist you and your clients in jump starting stalled development projects to get them moving forward.  We focus on leveraging local government financing structures and innovative post-redevelopment tools to provide the assistance needed to get developer projects back on track. Kosmont is also advising a number of public agencies on obtaining state and federal money which can be used to assist struggling private sector projects.

Entitlement Snapshot

As a developer or landowner, you often want to know how to get approvals for a project, whether or not you go forward with the process. Our “Entitlement Snapshot” is a report that outlines where you are with zoning and land use approvals, where you want to be, and what needs to be done to get there. Our report also assesses the likelihood of gaining project approval and identifies likely timeframes.

Due Diligence Report

Every site selection process begins with a basic due diligence review of each property under consideration. Kosmont Companies offers a comprehensive, but concise summary that will specifically alert you to fatal flaws in a project that could make or break your decision to buy and/or develop.

Site Planning

With experience in development, land use planning, CEQA, real estate economics, market research, and financial modeling, Kosmont Companies provides general guidelines for planning the scope and layout of your development. We further optimize site planning by screening for public agency preferences and dislikes, and our experienced planning professionals employ relevant urban design, sustainability and environmental features into the overall concept.

Kosmont Companies is a leader in negotiating residential, retail, mixed use, hospitality, office and industrial projects that have revitalized hundreds of communities and neighborhoods. With more than a quarter century of advisory services to the public sector, Kosmont Companies is the most capable consulting firm in California to design and implement a sustainable economic development strategy. We have assisted hundreds of public agencies in their quest to retain jobs, attract & retain business, modify zoning approaches, draft General Plan and Specific Plan conditions, and to structure tax and incentive plans that target meaningful private investment.

As cities in California become denser and more strained for resources, the need to find common ground between public and private interests becomes ever more critical. We recognize the powerful social and economic benefits of community development and Kosmont is committed to bringing public, private, and non-profit organizations together in meaningful real estate transactions that serve the long-term needs of communities.

With more than a quarter century of economic analysis and our current collaboration with our affiliated EB-5 Regional Center, Kosmont Companies has the skills, experience and savvy to assist other EB-5 Regional Centers structure cohesive investment programs that target a specific geographic region in need of economic development. The steps required to establish a successful EB-5 investment and Regional Center application are complex and include demonstrating that foreign investor capital has led to job creation.

Kosmont’s exceptional capabilities for gathering and analyzing economic data enable our clients to provide the jobs creation analysis necessary for a Regional Center or EB-5 investment.

We can further support your Regional Center or EB-5 Investment with business plan writing, financial analysis services, pro forma modeling, due diligence, and other related services as needed.

Since it’s inception in 1994, Kosmont Companies and the Rose Institute of State and Local Government at Claremont McKenna College collaborate annually to publish the Kosmont-Rose Institute Cost of Doing Business Survey©. The Kosmont-Rose Institute Cost of Doing Business Survey uses a proprietary basket of costs approach to compare government fees as determinants of what drives businesses’ location choices. The Survey objectively compares the cost of business for more than 300 cities nationwide based on the array of taxes and fees cities impose on businesses and significantly affect business interests such as sales, utility, income, property, and business taxes.

Such information is of particular interest to, among others, real estate and business professionals, city and county governments, and business and economic associations. The Survey’s detailed city profiles enable these groups to easily compare the costs of business in different communities. The ability to compare these costs helps with important business decisions, like where to locate a specific project or even where to relocate the business itself.

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