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Kosmont Companies is a full service real estate and economic consulting firm that specializes in matching private sector real estate opportunities with public sector land use policies, joint development opportunities, economic development policies and financing/incentive programs.

Kosmont’s services are geared toward maximizing value through development and reuse strategies, public/private transaction structuring and negotiation, fiscal and market analysis, and asset management solutions.

  • Public/Private Transaction Structuring
  • Development/Economic Incentive Negotiations
  • Development Agreements
  • Fiscal and Economic Analysis
  • Developer Selection and Negotiations
  • Redevelopment Dissolution + Asset Management
  • Reuse Strategies
  • Site Development Strategies
  • Market Research/Analysis
  • Entitlement/Permit Approvals
  • Zoning Analysis and Due Diligence
  • Economic Development Plans/Strategies
  • Asset Management Strategies
  • Downtown/Corridor Strategies
  • Transit/Airport Economics
  • Retail and Blended Use
  • Evaluation/Implementation

These activities have become increasingly significant as public agencies seek more ways to increase financial revenues, reduce capital investment, retain and attract new business, and maximize use of real estate assets.

For the private sector, Kosmont’s services assist in strategies and transactions involving public agencies and governments, and help private clients better understand potentials, limitations and implications of area and site/infrastructure development.

Kosmont Companies thoroughly researches the potential for future development to be self-sustaining. We determine whether the market holds enough existing or potential demand to make all elements of development viable. Wherever possible, we present alternative product and program options to enhance the marketability and long-term success of projects.

Kosmont services include:

  • Demographic Analysis
  • Economic conditions
  • Land use trends
  • Market analysis

Partnerships between public and private property owners often hinge on the outcome of complex financial relationships. Kosmont Companies structures financial models to give the most value at the end of the transaction while satisfying the other side of the deal. Kosmont Companies is a full-service real estate and development finance advisory firm that has been in the business over 33 years providing on-call and hands on development counsel to cities, redevelopment agencies and private sector developers throughout California and the Western U.S. Kosmont staff is highly experienced, practitioner-based, and has participated in and/or advised on virtually every type of public-private development transaction.

We comprehensively analyze the project to determine various financing options that may be utilized to bring it to completion. Our extensive experience executing public-private partnerships gives us a unique understanding of multiple government funding sources currently and soon to be available. Especially in challenging economic environments when the private markets are stymied, these funding sources can be critical to a project’s success and to broader economic development goals. We provide both public and private sector clients with deal structuring advice, development services, project and market analysis and a wide variety of strategic and policy lever decision making capabilities.

Kosmont Companies is a nationally recognized real estate and economics advisory firm specializing in public/private transactions since 1986. Our diverse and uniquely qualified development services team provides the depth and expertise required to help clients conceptualize, structure and implement projects of all product types, sizes and complexities. We serve an extensive range of clients including cities and public agencies, private trusts, landowners, developers, corporations, non-profit organizations and financial institutions.

Kosmont Services Include

  • Real Estate Development
  • Economics and Finance
  • Land Use and Entitlements
  • Redevelopment Dissolution
  • Economic Development Consulting
  • Public/Private Negotiations

Our financial real estate advisors have the acuity to determine if an opportunity will pencil out. We examine the optimum range of development pro forma that form the intersection of what a developer wants, what investors require, what the community desires, and what is likely to be accepted by the public agency.

With decades of experience in project feasibility analyses, Kosmont Companies provides its services for clients ranging from school districts and large property owners to numerous public agencies including cities, counties, and (former) redevelopment agencies.

We research the potential for future development to be sustainable. We determine if the market holds enough demand or potential demand to make all elements of a development viable. Depending on the outcome of our analysis, we present alternative product mixes and program/blend of uses to enhance the marketability and long-term success of a project.

These project feasibility analyses provide Kosmont’s clients with a clear perspective of the development economics for the proposed project.

Kosmont Services include:

  • Assessment of value
  • Investment returns
  • Pro forma analysis
  • Supply and demand analysis
  • Void analysis

Many public agencies are interested in finding partners to develop key sites within an existing community. Kosmont provides such communities with an efficient and targeted Request for Qualifications (RFQ)/Request for Proposals (RFP) selection process. Our expertise in the selection process is critical, especially when tax dollars are involved. Developer selection decisions can affect the public’s quality of life for years to come. Because our Team also works in development, we not only understand what attracts good developers to publicly funded projects, but we also have an eye for identifying developers that are best suited for a particular project.

Kosmont Services include:

  • Preparation and distribution of RFQs, RFPs, and Statement of Interests
  • Evaluation of qualifications including financial capability, experience and references
  • Critical evaluation of financial projections and development proformas
  • Complete developer solicitation management services

To create a successful project today, developers and the public are frequently on different sides of the entitlement business. More than three decades of public and private sector consulting has made Kosmont Companies keenly aware of what cities and communities want. Today, entitlements are about striking a productive compromise between the public and private sector. Communities want development and they sometimes offer incentives to get it. We can help bring together the public and private sectors to facilitate entitlements that satisfy private development and investment expectations while giving communities the results they desire.

Every site selection process begins with a basic due diligence review of the property. Kosmont Companies offers a comprehensive but concise summary that will specifically identify fatal flaws in a project that could make or break decisions to buy and/or develop.

Kosmont Services include:

  • Affordable Housing Strategy
  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Fiscal Impact Analysis
  • Land Use Valuation
  • Tax Increment Financing