Kosmont Retail NOW!™

Kosmont Retail Now
Kosmont Retail NOW!™ is the newest tool in a public agency’s arsenal to attract retail. It is a comprehensive and proactive retail strategy which identifies existing conditions, sets a path, targets tenants and produces results. Today’s trends in the evolution of retail include value, entertainment, and partnerships.

From our many years as public sector real estate advisors and with hands on private sector experience, Kosmont Companies understands the need for successful retail and city sales tax revenues. The Kosmont Companies team offers the most in-depth research, real world expertise, and long term relationships needed to bring viable retail to a community and to make retail part of a greater economic development strategy.

This is what Kosmont Retail NOW!™ offers:

Market and Community Assessment

  • Retail Trade Area Definition
  • Void Analysis
  • Demographics/Segmentation
  • Trend Analysis
  • Market Intelligence

Vision and Strategy

  • Back to Basics
  • Retail Targeting
  • Branding/Marketing
  • Attraction and Approach
  • Community, Economic and Retail Development
  • Public Private Partnership Strategies

Plan Implementation

  • Strategic Alliances with Execution
  • Experts
  • Execute Business Plan
  • Local and Regional Marketing
  • Utilize Real Life Retail Relationship
  • Meeting and Making Deals with Retailers

PLUS: Annual Check Up – Revisit strategy and plan annually to stay ahead of the curve!  Please contact us for a Kosmont Retail NOW!™ proposal.

Contact at (213) 507-9000 or  at (949) 226-0288.

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