City Manager’s Office from Culver City, CA:

• Great News on Redevelopment Projects – Major progress has been made in the City’s efforts to complete its remaining projects stemming from the State’s dissolution of redevelopment. These include such projects as the Combined Properties/Hudson Pacific plan for Parcel B, the Washington/National transit oriented development at the Culver City EXPO station by Lowe Enterprises, and the creation of a market hall by Regency Centers at the Washington/Centinela site, among others.

The City Council’s dogged determination and perseverance in pursuing completion of these efforts in spite of the numerous difficulties posed by the State’s very lengthy and complex redevelopment wind down process is beginning to pay off.

On November 22 Councilmember Andrew Weissman, City Manager John Nachbar, and Community Development Director Sol Blumenfeld were joined by Senator Holly Mitchell in a meeting with Department of Finance (DOF) staff regarding Culver City’s remaining redevelopment projects. In addition, at the request of Councilmember Micheál O’ Leary, Metro had a representative attend the meeting on behalf of Culver City and the EXPO station transit oriented development project.

The group conferred on matters relating to the City’s proposed Long Range Property Management Plan for former Redevelopment Agency properties, audits of former Agency assets, and the use of Redevelopment Agency bond proceeds. This meeting, along with extensive preparation, resulted in an outstanding outcome for Culver City. On December 3 the DOF informed the City that it had revised the agency’s determination of the City’s financial obligation to the State down from $22,178,120 to $2,724,618. A major hurdle has been cleared on the path to securing the DOF’s final approval of the City’s plans for disposition of former Redevelopment Agency properties.

Now that this step has been made, the DOF will turn its attention to completing its review of the City’s proposed plan for all of the former redevelopment agency’s real property. The DOF staff’s preliminary reactions signal a positive review, as no major “red flags” were observed.

Despite this welcome breakthrough, there is still much work to be done and process to be completed. There will undoubtedly be further complications requiring effort and resolution. However, given the City Council’s guidance, determination and support, we will see these matters through to completion.