California may have found a way to meet its growing infrastructure demand in Senate Bill 628 (Beall) – legislation that will allow local governments to form new Enhanced Infrastructure Financing Districts (EIFDs) that brings back some of the former powers of the state’s abolished redevelopment districts. After supporting SB 628 throughout the year, Larry Kosmont, in partnership with the California Economic Summit, has released a white paper entitled “A How-to guide for Using SB 628’s Enhanced Infrastructure Financing Districts.” The white paper details best practices as to how government agencies can use enhanced IFDs to invest in both local and regional infrastructure projects to the implementation of sustainable communities plans.

Read the full White Paper from the California Economic Summit, signed by Larry Kosmont, here: [prettyfilelist type=”pdf,xls,doc,zip,ppt,img,mp3″ filestoshow=”2754,” hidefilter=”true” hidesort=”true” hidesearch=”true” openinnew=”true” filesPerPage=”3″]