EIFDs / CRIAs / Special Districts

Enhanced Infrastructure Financing Districts (EIFDs)
Community Revitalization and Investment Authorities (CRIAs)

EIFDs and CRIAs were approved by the California Legislature in 2015, enabling a new model for financing infrastructure and economic development in California. The statutes authorize creation of districts by a local city or county. Special districts may participate.

  • Enhanced Infrastructure Financing Districts (EIFDs) (SB 628/AB 313)
  • Community Revitalization and Investment Authorities (CRIAs) (AB 2/AB 2492)
  • Infrastructure and Revitalization Financing Districts (IRFDs) (AB 229)
  • New financing tools provide the potential for cities to create specialized infrastructure districts which can ultimately fund sustainable infrastructure
  • Mandate a regional approach by requiring multiple local agencies (cities, counties & special districts) to cooperate in order to use tax increment financing
  • Once approved, these Districts can combine tax increment with other regional and state-authorized financing programs such as GGRF funds, PACE, etc.
    • EIFDs focus in infrastructure and public/private transactions
    • CRIAs similar with more stringent eligibility standards & focus on affordable housing

Statewide EIFD & CRIA Evaluation Areas

Click the location on the map for more information.

Avila Ranch, LLC EIFD

San Luis Obispo, CA

More Information

Benicia EIFD

Benicia, CA

More Information

Consortium of Landowners EIFD

Beaumont, CA

More Information

Ferrari Ranch, LLC EIFD

Atwater, CA

More Information

Huntington Park CRIA

Huntington Park, CA

More Information

La Verne EIFD

La Verne, CA

More Information

LAX / Crenshaw area of Los Angeles EIFD

Los Angeles, CA

More Information


Los Angeles, CA

More Information

Otay Mesa EIFD

Otay Mesa, CA

More Information

Placentia EIFD

Placentia, CA

More Information

Redlands / San Bernardino EIFD

San Bernardino, CA

More Information

Rialto EIFD

Rialto, CA

More Information

Riverside CRIA

Riverside, CA

More Information

San Jacinto EIFD

San Jacinto, CA

More Information

San Pedro EIFD

San Pedro, CA

More Information

Santa Ana EIFD

Santa Ana, CA

More Information

Watsonville CRIA

Watsonville, CA

More Information

West Covina EIFD

West Covina, CA

More Information

West Sacramento EIFD

West Sacramento, CA

More Information

Yucaipa EIFD

Yucaipa, CA

More Information

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Similarities and Differences between EIFD and CRIA

EIFD and CRIA Similarities
GovernanceBoth are public entities separate and distinct from the city or county that established them, governed by 5+ member board consisting of majority of City Council or County Board of Supervisors and 2+ members of the public who live or work in the area.
Eligible usesBoth can finance a wide-range of public and private projects.
Prerequisites to formationCreation requires finding of completion (FOC) from DOF and compliance with State Controller’s orders

Funding sourcesAuthority to use property tax increment to finance facilities and housing with contributions from other taxing entities with their consent.
EIFD and CRIA Differences
What property can be included?Any property
(no qualification necessary)
80% of the area must meet income and other requirements (e.g. crime, unemployment, deteriorated infrastructure and private structures)
Voter approval for formation and plan adoptionNoNo, but subject to majority protest at adoption and every 10 years
Voter approval for bond issuanceYes, 55% by registered voters if 12+ registered voters; otherwise by landowners (1 vote per acre)No
Low / moderate income housing set-aside requirementNone25% of taxes allocated to CRIA
Ongoing reporting / audit requirementsNo, but if bonds are issued, independent financial audit every 2 yearsYes, annual report and annual independent financial audit
Acquisition by eminent domainNoYes, within 12 years of formation
Funding for facilities outside of plan boundariesYes, but must
have a tangible connection to the work of the district

Types of Projects an EIFD can fund

Industrial Structures
Affordable Housing / Mixed Use
Transit Priority / RTP / SCS Projects
Wastewater / Groundwater
Light / High Speed Rail
Civic Infrastructure
Parks & Open Space
Brownfield Remediation
Childcare Facilities
Military Base Reuse Projects
Roads and Bridges

Types of Projects a CRIA can fund

Generally CRIAs can fund economic revitalization in disadvantaged communities

Wastewater / Groundwater
Roads / Circulatory Infrastructure
Civic Infrastructure
Assist Businesses
Affordable Housing / Mixed Use
Brownfield Remediation

Kosmont-SCAG EIFD / CRIA Screening Tool

Kosmont Companies and the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) have collaborated to formulate an EIFD / CRIA Technical Screening Tool to assist SCAG’s member cities in the preliminary evaluation of EIFD / CRIA feasibility. Click the image below to access the screening tool.

Kosmont-SCAG EIFD / CRIA Screening Tool
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