Developer Selection (RFP/RFQ)

Developer Selection (RFP/RFQ)
Many public agencies are interested in finding partners to develop key sites within an existing community. Kosmont provides such communities with an efficient and targeted RFP/RFQ selection process. Our expertise in the selection process is critical, especially when tax dollars are involved. Developer Selection decisions can affect the public’s quality of life for years to come. Because our Team also works in development, we not only understand what attracts good developers to publicly funded projects, but we also have an eye for identifying developers that are best suited for a particular project.

Kosmont Services include:

  • Preparation and distribution of RFQs, RFPs, and Statement of Interests
  • Evaluation of qualifications including financial capability, experience and references
  • Critical evaluation of financial projections and development proformas
  • Complete developer solicitation management services
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